If you prefer to visit the surrounding region, the Reception shall present some of the most relevant points of interest.

ARCHAEOLOGY (15 minutes by car)
Cabeço do Vouga´s archaeological findings is situated in Lamas do Vouga and lies on two ridges, between Vouga River and Marnel River. Due to its excellent geographical position, this section of the region was occupied until the middle Ages.

MACINHATA DO VOUGA MUSEUM (10 minutes by car)
The Macinhata do Vouga Museum located in the Sernada do Vouga’s second railway extension (part of the Vouga Valley) occupies old spaces adapted for its purposes. In this Museum, one finds assets from national railway stations and those belonging to the Vouga Valley.

TROFA CHURCH [PANTEÃO LEMOS(10 minutes by car)]
This church situated in the Trofa parish, built in the XVI century is considered a National Monument. Its main chapel became notorious for its Renaissance sculpture, holding an important tomb sculpture set “Panteão dos Lemos”, composed of statues and bas-reliefs.

VILLAGES (20 minutes by car)
The mountain villages such as Carvalhal, Macieira de Alcoba, Urgueira and Ventoso which still maintain the ethnographic traditions and each visitor can still see signs of the agricultural activities of the past, such as the oven, the water tank, threshold and the typical baskets.



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